For canon information, see the Mass Effect Wiki page for the Attican Traverse.

The Attican Traverse is a region of space situated between Citadel space and the Terminus Systems. It is characterized as a region of lesser states, development and colonization potential. It is also heavily contested between the Citadel and Terminus states, prohibiting development of new worlds and subjecting settled ones to raiding by Terminus-based outlaws.

However, post-war the situation has stabilized in the region, enabling development of several trade republics and other states.


  • Armstrong Nebula
  • Hades Nexus
  • Hawking Eta
  • Ismar Frontier
  • Kepler Verge
  • Maroon Sea
  • Ninmah Cluster
  • Nubian Expanse
  • Pangaea Expanse
  • Pylos Nebula
  • Sentry Omega
  • Shadow Sea
  • Styx Theta


  • Suen (reclaimed homeworld of the revived rachni).


  • Arvuna
  • Asteria
  • Chasca
  • Horizon
  • Ket'osh
  • Kosh
  • Mindoir
  • Ontarom
  • Yamm
  • Zorya

Space Stations

  • Jarrahe Station
  • Listening Post X-19


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