Attena Ryncol is an alcoholic beverage devised 110 years ago on Omega, by Daia T'Nara and Weyrloc Learv. It attempts to replicate the flavour of ryncol (specifically Jorgal ryncol) without the hazardous effects on non-krogan drinkers. Daia, who experienced the taste sensations of a number of ryncol varieties second-hand by melding with Learv, rated the drink a 99% success. The drink is named for Daia's home region of Thessia, Attena - Learv proposed "the Delicious Daia" as an alternate name, but she talked him out of it.


  • 1 shot falis nectar (preferably synthetic)
  • 5 grains nama (real)
  • 1 liski salt stick
  • 3 shots "Old 720"
  • 1 tula berry
  • 2 seaspoons Attena blue wine (Ravia vineyard recommended)
  • Ground jasi rind


  • Add the nama to the falis nectar and stir with the liski salt stick until the stick has fully dissolved.
  • Place the mixture in a sealed blast-proof atmosphere container, increase air pressure and oxygen mix to ignition point, and spark.
  • Once the fire has burned itself out, pour in the Old 720, and add the tula berry and blue wine.
  • Serve in a glass with an inside lining of ground jasi rind.

Real ryncol will bubble violently in contact with jasi rind; in the event the drink is prepared out of sight, use this to be sure it is safe for non-krogan to drink. Although not as potent as real ryncol, Attena ryncol is a strong drink by the standards of most species.

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