Yehyeh, better known as Operative Asura, was originally an Alliance Marine serving on Siddhartha Station. Lessan Vadarat's attack on the station prior to the Reaper War, and the Systems Alliance's inability to form an effective response, drove him out of the SA's arms and straight into Cerberus.

He was integrated early, and served as an Atlas Mech Pilot and unit leader up until the Citadel Coup. On Eden Prime he piloted an Atlas, leading one of the first reinforcement waves once the Cerberus Infiltration Team took down the local defenses and assaulted the Alliance military base on the planet.

He then served as an agent in deep cover until the coup, shilling the products of many of Cerberus' front corporations in order to seed the Citadel and council space with drones that Cerberus could easily take control of during an assault.

His work came to frutition during the coup, where he led a team of Cerberus operatives, Udina's mercenaries and hijacked wardrones against the defenders, wrecking havoc across the Citadel.

He was killed by Vadarat when he led a Cerberus group to assault a school in an attempt to capture prisoners for integration. Vadarat then stole his account on Cerberus Daily News, misleading other Cerberus operatives into believing that Asura still lived until shortly before the end of the coup, and then using the Asura account to advertize his own products.

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