The logo of the Crimson Chains

Originally from Camala, Ashtor Sam’klar is known to have had criminal connections there which were one of the key reasons he was recruited by the Special Intervention Unit to help establish the Crimson Chains. Serving as the logistics officer, he was ranked Seeker 219 and formed a quick friendship with Joral nabOrcas when the latter joined the organization. Sam’klar’s criminal contacts proved very useful in the establishment of the Crimson Chains on Omega, and when an opportunity arose to set up a chapter on Cartagena he was the natural choice. He was soon joined by Joral nabOrcas, whose presence on Omega following the gang war with AEGIS was regarded as unwise.

The Crimson Chains chapter on Cartagena was barely established before the Reaper War began, and Sam’klar led the group as well as a number of competent locals away from the Reaper task forces. Travelling to nearby colony worlds, Sam’klar offered the group’s services as protection against the Reapers in exchange for necessary fuel, quality recruits, and money. When the Reapers arrived in-system, the Cartagena Chains would flee, leaving the colony to fend for themselves and keeping the group almost wholly intact. Following the Reaper withdrawal, Sam’klar and nabOrcas led this group back to Cartagena and established themselves as one of the major remaining forces on the station. They also began a recruitment drive that extended beyond the traditionally batarian membership requirements of the group, attracting a large number of disenfranchised humans, krogan, and even some salarians to the group. For practical reasons this recruitment did not extend to turians or quarians, but alliances were formed with several local turian bands.

With a business acumen rivalling the cleverest volus, Sam’klar’s group of Crimson Chains has quickly become the largest and most visible of the remaining factions. Quality, by contrast, has declined, and the focus tends to be on brute force rather than finesse or deceit. Some of the group’s success can be attributed to Camalan Grusto connections among the leadership, as both Sam’klar and nabOrcas have a history of dealing with the black market.

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