A list of CDN's asari, including player-run characters, NPCs, and background/newsfeed characters.

Note: it is a point of discussion how common the "T'" surname prefix is among asari; of those listed on the Mass Effect wiki's Asari page, only two have such names, out of eight with listed surnames. However since those two are Liara T'Soni and Aria T'Loak, their great prominence in the games has led many CDN characters to adopt the prefix when devising their own asari names. Due to the small canon sample size, the actual occurrence of the prefix among asari cannot reasonably be inferred; the proportion present in this list should therefore be regarded as possible but unconfirmed as a species-wide trend.

Matriarchs (those acknowledged as such, not simply in the 700+ age range) are listed separately below the main list.



It is assumed (although unconfirmed) that the single names given to Matriarchs in canon are their first names, rather than separate names taken upon assuming the role of Matriarch.

  • Matriarch Dara Rens - author, academic
  • Matriarch Kasgara - commando instructor, Atolia
  • Matriarch Lenaia - teacher, author, BDSM practicioner
  • Matriarch Mirala T'Narf - mother of Linya M'Tanis
  • Matriarch Priya - D/s practicioner
  • Matriarch Siaha T'Nara - AI theorist
  • Matriarch Xanya - author
  • Matriarch Yaqua - first contact theory teacher


Fiction & Mythology


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