Aren'Vanti nar Moreh is a 24-year-old quarian Pilgrim, currently working as a senior technician on Omega. He posts on CDN as "NetOp_Aren".

Following an unremarkable upbringing on the Moreh (albeit with some disciplinary action during his education, following inadvisable experiments in a chemistry lab), Aren began his Pilgrimage, with Omega his first destination. Shortly after his arrival - as a result of an as-yet unspecified incident - he found himself targeted by members of the Blue Suns mercenary corporation, and sought shelter by means of taking a job with OmegaNet, an extranet service provider company owned by Aria T'Loak's syndicate.

Although Aria's personal interest in OmegaNet appears to be very minimal, the aegis of her name served to protect Aren from Blue Suns retribution for the next three years, by which time the Suns had evidently dismissed the matter as no longer worth bothering about. Having been promoted to senior routing technician in the interim, Aren chose to remain at OmegaNet regardless.

Aren owns a small transport shuttle, named the Extranet, which he used for work-related trips, primarily to Illium and back. He has little evident interest in completing his Pilgrimage and returning to the Migrant Fleet at this time, due mainly to a disdain for the political squabbling of the Fleet's senior Admirals.

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