Archangel Guardian of Omega by rk87
This article deals with publicly-available media representations of Archangel; for more information (which should not be available in-universe to CDN characters) see the Mass Effect Wiki page for Garrus Vakarian.

Archangel was the name given by segments of Omega's civilian population to the leader of a small team of vigilantes based on the station, who targeted leading criminal gang members out of apparently altruistic motives. Archangel's operations, most notably against units of the Eclipse, Blue Suns, and Blood Pack organisations, were regarded as technically and strategically brilliant. However, one member of Archangel's team was suborned by the mercenaries being targeted, which led to the remainder of the team being ambushed and killed. Archangel's subsequent actions against his targets became increasingly violent, culminating in a siege where units of the three mercenary organisations cooperated in a joint assault on his compound. Despite inflicting heavy casualties on the attackers, Archangel was reported killed.

Archangel's activities nonetheless caught the imaginations of many Omegans - some continue to believe that he is alive, operating under a different pseudonym, while others have created a number of fictional accounts of the folk hero's exploits, some of which have gained an audience off-station and been disseminated throughout the Terminus systems, and even in Citadel space. The most widespread are two graphic novel incarnations (Guardian of Omega, presenting Archangel as a driven but highly moral crusader, and Archangel: War Zone, a more violent take on the character motivated by vengeance), a two-movie series produced by an underground film team with financial backing from Illium Entertainment (Archangel Begins, a fictional origin story of the character, filmed guerilla-style on Omega, and its higher-budget sequel The Omega Knight, filmed for safety reasons on the Nerva Beacon station in Citadel space), and a short-lived HV series (predating Archangel's death) entitled The Crested Crusader, alleged to have been produced by a Blue Suns sponsor aiming to discredit the real Archangel with a riotously camp portrayal, but which has gained a significant following for its kitsch value. Several games have also been produced, from amateur conversions based on existing game engines to the ambitious and critically-acclaimed Terminus Asylum and its sequel Red Omega.

Due to Archangel's status as a public figure with no valid claimant to intellectual property rights, each creator owns only their own interpretation and independently-created story elements, while the core character remains free for anyone to use.

Out-of-character notes

The page image comic book cover was created by deviantART member rk87.

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