The Aptorian Guard is a batarian elite regiment tasked with protecting the rulers of the Hegemony and each individual nation therein. Formed exclusively from noble caste families, few other units go through such extensive training as the Aptorians, fewer still are as well equipped, and none are held to such a high standard.

By tradition, members of the Aptorian Guard are never posted in the same nation-state as their family. Theoretically, this ensures that Aptorians have no political interest beyond the protection of their charge, while in practice it allows them to function as hostages for the good behavior of their families. Due to their proximity to powerful political figures, members of the Aptorian Guard are often covertly inducted into the various intelligence agencies operating within the Hegemony. While technically illegal, such connections are almost expected of an Aptorian and prosecutions are rare.

Numerous other traditions surround the Aptorians, including the immediate dissolution of any unit discovered to harbor even a single subversive. Absolute loyalty is expected, and desertion is punishable by death. While the death penalty is universal, each nation of the Hegemony has a different means thereof, and the only common element is excruciating pain. The harsh penalties for desertion are another reason for Aptorians to cultivate ties to other agencies, who have been known to assist those with useful skill sets in escaping the Guard, though such escapes are never without cost.

The Guard was mostly wiped out by the Reaper invasion, and its surviving members were absorbed in other companies.


Goronak Ilorik was in the Aptorian Guard.

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