A troubled planet in the Amun system, populated by both batarians and humans (the latter the majority).


Anhurian Slowpoke


The planet was the site of the infamous Anhur Rebellions. A consortium of human corporations and corrupt politicians, fearing batarian economic competition due to their custom of legal slavery, passed a resolution that abolished the minimum wage - effectively relegalizing slavery on a human-dominated world.

Opponents of the motion quickly turned to activism and violence. A civil war erupted as one side sought to end slavery throughout the system and the other, primarily a batarian faction called the Na'hesit, sought to keep the slaves they had. The Anhur Rebellions raged from 2176 to 2178. The Na'hesit had a significant advantage in ships, labor, and weapons, forcing the Anhur militias to hire mercenary companies to even the odds. In the end the abolitionists won out, though at the cost of much of their infrastructure. Though Anhur today still has significant natural wealth, it is economically depressed save for the reconstruction industry.

Attempts to rebuild Anhur’s industrial base following the Rebellion were hampered by corruption and accusations of incompetence and racism, as well as occasional outbreaks of more serious violence. Even so, a number of large corporations established facilities on the planet, where lack of government oversight and ineffective law enforcement permitted an almost free hand. Similarly, the Amun system is still littered with debris dating back to the Rebellion, and local salvagers often find themselves outmuscled by unlicensed salvagers taking advantage of the Anhur government’s inability to defend beyond its atmosphere.

For years afterward, there were periodic outbreaks of racial tension. A travel advisory was once issued after a prominent member of the batarian community in the capital of New Thebes was found savagely beaten to death, the fourth such murder in recent months. The possibility of revenge attacks had been noted, and several major charities reportedly begun evacuating their workers from the area. The government of Anhur issued the following statement:

The death of Abronak Dil-lar was an unfortunate but isolated incident. On any world with a history like ours, there will inevitably be individuals misguided enough to resort to violence, but they are few and far between. We encourage all of our citizens, batarian and human and alien alike, to focus on the bright future of our world rather than dwelling on the past.”


New Thebes: Capital. The core of the city had been largely rebuilt - it hadn’t been hard-hit by the Rebellions in the first place, which were mostly confined to the slums and industrial zones. Even so, an eclectic mix of architecture from across the galaxy towered above the surrounding areas; corporations like to stand out, even when taking advantage of impoverished laborers and low standards of living, and several competed for the privilege of owning the most garish headquarters in the city.


Years of Upheaveal: Following the Bahak incident, the Batarian Special Intervention Unit evaluates Anhur.