Aneeda D'Veyra
Username: Sucker_Punch
Species: asari
Date of Birth:
Occupation: NAPD Special Response
Location: Nos Astra, Illium
Marital Status: Steadfastly single
Eye color: Pinkish-Purple
Height: 6'0"
Build: Stocky, stereotypically masculine (to humans)
Affiliations: NAPD; The Krantt;

A member of the Nos Astra Police Department.

Brash, foul-mouthed, and with little to no filter, Sergeant Aneeda D'Veyra is everything a policewoman shouldn't be. Then again, she never did let petty things like 'proper decorum' get in her way.

Despite her colourful language and oft-times short temper, Aneeda is generally a friendly sort, always willing to help out a friend (or even acquaintance) in a rough spot. She often offends, but not out of any actual desire to do so - it is simply a side effect of her opinionated demeanour. The sole exceptions would be hypocrites, those who consider themselves superior to others, and criminals who harm innocent law-abiding people for personal gain - in Aneeda's opinion, those sorts thoroughly deserve the metaphorical (and physical) thrashings she delivers.

Physical Appearance

At 6 foot exact and built like a brick shithouse, Aneeda is hardly the pinnacle of asari grace.


The D'Veyra name is not, nowadays, usually associated with the badge-wearing side of the law. D'Veyra was one of the ancient Serrician founding families, but it's split off into many different sub-branches since. Most people today associate D'Veyras with criminals and thugs, but Aneeda's specific branch clung to its nobility through sheer pigheadedness. Her mother insists they're the only "true" D'Veyra descendants left.

Known Associates

Both Urdnot Branka and roommate Shadow Pyjak (Mex Numbrii) consider her an inspiration.


(See also: Nos Astra Police Department Fundraising Gala.)

Sergeant D'Veyra's Brain Training: NAPD life.

An asari and a krogan walk into a bazaar: Aneeda and Branka go for a ride.

So Long As The Paperwork's Clean: Dealing with the Wealth Killer case.

The Fight of the Century: A bombing incident in Nos Astra.

Relationship Counselling: Aneeda, along with Faena T'Remi, tries to help Jacob Angelaus and Nalia'Tonbay with their relationship, after an embarrassing breach of trust.

Buy Me Presents: Aneeda's birthday comes around.

Never Too Old To Rock and Roll: The actual birthday celebration.

Varren Nappers: Aneeda helps track down Branka's stolen varren.

New Game: Drunk-posting Aneeda creates a new forum game.

Reapers: Aneeda hosts an episode of the forum favourite.

Just A PSA: Getting hit by a truck hurts.

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