Totally her face, honestly

An asari, as the screen name suggests (her name is Ana, short for Analina).


She once suffered three weeks of torment due to use of Palenol.

Threads of Note

WOOOO: Introduction on CDN.

Hey, Lookit What I've Got!: Ana acquires robotic minions.

HIHIHIHI: She's back. And HighHighHighHigh.


Five Dead Dogs: Ana is picked up by Shirin Vedral and company on Omega, on the advice of Jil'korah.

If you give a drell a starship...: The group acquires its ship.

Non State Actors: On tour with The Band.

It's A Shameful Thing, Lobster Head: Mr. Ian O'Shaughenessy ("Lobster Head") is a former client of Cerastes, and the subject of the next mission.

On Your Side Is On Your Side: And here is that mission, to Noveria.

We Need To Cook: Shirin spends time with Ana, who is even higher than usual.

Avatar: The board, led by Terrorbyte, are freaked out by the uncanniness of the avatar.

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