Totally her face, honestly

An asari, as the screen name suggests (her name is Ana, short for Analina -- Analina Tartreevs).

Known for her various chemical dependencies.


She once suffered three weeks of torment due to use of Palenol.

Threads of Note

WOOOO: Introduction on CDN.

Hey, Lookit What I've Got!: Ana acquires robotic minions.

HIHIHIHI: She's back. And HighHighHighHigh.


Five Dead Dogs: Ana is picked up by Shirin Vedral and company on Omega, on the advice of Jil'korah.

If you give a drell a starship...: The group acquires its ship.

Why Are You a Cartoon?: Ana and Jil'korah on their new ship. Jil asks Ana what she's been up to.

We Need To Cook: Shirin spends time with Ana, who is even higher than usual.

It's A Shameful Thing, Lobster Head: Mr. Ian O'Shaughenessy ("Lobster Head") is a former client of Cerastes, and the subject of the next mission.

On Your Side Is On Your Side: And here is that mission, to Noveria.

Non State Actors: On tour with The Band.

Avatar: The board, led by Terrorbyte, are freaked out by the uncanniness of the avatar.