Numioh 01
A military design of the Systems Alliance. The Amazon-class is an assault and orbital artillery corvette, used to destroy orbital infrastructure during fleet action and to provide precision orbital fire support for ground forces. Due to the size of its slugs, the Amazon is exempt from the Citadel Convention prohibition of orbital bombardment. The Amazon carries a crew of fifteen, with the three main guns separate from the cabin to provide suitable living space and a small cargo bay. Newly built Amazons carry Thanix cannons, and they may also carry torpedoes or missiles magnetised to the hull.

Ships of Note

  • SSV Finke
  • SSV Karun: Was patrolling replenishment route for troops in the Attican Traverse, 2192, when it was attacked by unknown belligerents during a randomized discharge stop. It escaped with damage.
  • SSV Yangtze