A conglomeration of the various banks and lending institutions acquired by Titan Corporation, Amarok is the company’s coffers in all their glory. Managing and investing the corporation’s credit reserves in addition to fulfilling more prosaic civilian roles such as issuing loans, savings, bonds and the like, and more specialized functions such as forming and maintaining hedge funds and running the Sycrai network of auction houses.

Currently on exceedingly shakey ground a large portion of Titan’s recent activities has revolved around the injection of capital into the subsidiary and, by extension, the Drownscaled economy. Though efforts have been modestly successful and were crucial in avoiding total financial collapse the future of the branch remains uncertain.

Amarok is based on Zhryai’loth.


In the oft dry and dusty world of economic policy and banking Elyia Aquara is something of a rock star. Head of Titan’s Accounting division since the inception of the company she not only survives, but thrives in the murky, grey landscapes of the Terminus’s less than legal markets. She knows how to keep the credits flowing and how to manage them, from saving to investing. She knows where all the bodies are buried, possibly because she put them there herself.

Her appointment to Amarok Capital, at its core, represents the further, irrevocable, entwining of the Corporation and the State within the Tempest.

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