The logo of the Crimson Chains

Alto Ord’narak is the current commander of the Crimson Chains based on the third moon of Chresk, and formerly second in command, under Abad Sam-mel, of the entire organization.

For much of the group’s existence Alto was seen as the obvious successor to Sam-mel, being regularly put in charge of secondary operations and expected to keep things running smoothly when Abad himself was not present. His performance was consistently satisfactory though not exceptional, as he lacked some of his superior’s more inspirational qualities.

When it became public knowledge that the Crimson Chains had been established by the Hegemony Special Intervention Unit, it was also revealed that Ord’narak held the rank of Seeker 193. This placed him firmly above other SIU-ranked members such as Melek Ib-bar and Ashtor Sam’klar. SIU rank consistently lined up with rank within the Crimson Chains until the months prior to the Reaper War, when Alto was sent to oversee Chresk operations after an abortive gang war with former Chains ally AEGIS. While the war had been orchestrated by Joral nabOrcas, its failure was in part attributed to Ord’narak, who had been ostensibly in charge of the Chains while Abad Sam-mel was away from Omega.

The Reapers struck while Ord’narak was in charge of the Chresk facility, and like the Crimson Chains on Cartagena Alto led his group in consistent retreat, keeping the small band beneath him intact. After the Reapers withdrew, the Chresk Crimson Chains returned to their base on the third moon, which being powered down and abandoned had not drawn undue Reaper attention. Making use of the lab facilities there, Ord’narak’s group equipped themselves with banned chemical and biological weapons in an attempt to counterbalance their lack of numbers, and when a slave uprising attempted to topple Chresk Governor Odar Gro’Habbon, it was weapons purchased from this group of Chains that played a pivotal role in his tenuous victory.

Having established themselves as one of the relatively few groups still capable of producing high-end illegal weaponry outside of Citadel space, the Chresk Crimson Chains have since set themselves up as arms merchants operating primarily within the Batarian Confederation. The proceeds from these arms sales have gone towards supplementing the group’s limited numbers with mechs and other weapons technology, and rumors persist of a smuggling network bringing their products to various factions within Council space. They have not been actively recruiting since the war’s end, but with a core of high-quality soldiers supplemented by advanced weapons and mechs, the Chresk Crimson Chains have become a force to be reckoned with under Ord’narak’s leadership.

Perhaps as a result of their small numbers and focus on technology, persistent rumors accuse the Chresk Crimson Chains of dealings with the Erszbat Cabal.

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