Civvie: Civilian

Civvies/Mufti: Civilian clothing

PSG: Platoon sergeant

PL: Platoon Leader

Company Gunny (Quartermaster): NCO in charge of the supplies of their company.

NCO: Non commissioned officer. Also referred to as 'noncomms'. SNCO stands for Senior or Staff NCO and usually refers to Marines with the rank of Chief.

RSM: Regimental Sergeant Major

CO/OC: Commanding officer, officer commanding

EXO/XO: Executive officer (second in charge)

2IC: Second in command

BFG: Big fucking gun

POG: People Other than Grunts. A pejorative for non-infantry personnel. Pronounced phonetically.

REMF: Rear Echelon MotherFucker. Same as above. Pronounced phonetically. 

FUBAR: Fucked Up Beyond All Reason/Recognition/Repair. Pronounced phonetically.

SNAFU: Situation Normal, All Fucked Up. Pronounced phonetically.

FOB: Forward Operating Base. A secure forward position used to support tactical operations.

COP: Combat Outpost.Any secured position from a patrol base to anything smaller than a FOB, that Marines operate from.

Fourther: A member of the Fourth Fleet that was garrisoning Earth at R Day.  The majority of these individuals would probably have been stationed planetside when the attack occurred, as the Fourth was completely destroyed in orbit.

These remnants were forced to resist the Reaper occupation without external support for the duration of the war, and saw extensive losses to combat, indoctrination, and bombardment. As a result, they are viewed as unstable by the general public, Command and their fellows in the military.

CIC: Command Information Centre.

OPORD: Operations Order. An executable plan that directs a unit to conduct a military operation, detailing the situation, the mission and what activities the unit will have to undertake to complete the mission. Pronounced phonetically.

FRAGO: Fragmentation Order. Used to make changes to an operations order without rewriting the whole thing. Pronounced phonetically.

Sitrep: Situation Report. A report on the current military situation in a particular area.

OpSec: Operational Security. The process of protecting small pieces of information that might be grouped together to get the big picture, such as being careful as to who may be eavesdropping on a conversation and not speaking openly on the extranet about troop movements, deployments, equipment shortages and the like.

PerSec: Personal Security. The protection of personal information that may be used to harm the Marine or sailor in question.

KB: Kinetic Barrier

Auto: Marine that works with the Alliance's various drones. Comes from 'automation'.

AFE: Alliance Fitness Exam. Pronounced phonetically. Conducted both to get into the military and also to maintain fitness throughout service.

Boot (person): A person fresh out of boot; inexperienced or green. Marine term, extremely derogatory.

Shavetail: Inexperienced lieutenant

Butterbar: Derogatory term for second lieutenant

Mustang: An officer promoted from NCO ranks, as opposed to someone who joined as an officer. Common.

Salty: Experienced in the soldiering profession, has seen combat.

Hatch: Door

Bulkhead: Wall.

Deck: Floor.

Belowdecks: Decks under one’s current deck

Above decks: decks that are higher to one’s current deck.

Overhead: Ceiling

Beauty Queen: N7s.

November Sevens: N7s. From phonetic alphabet for N.

Port: Left.

Starboard: Right.

Mess: A dining facility where military personnel eat and socialise.

Furlough: A temporary leave of absence from duty, often a vacation.

Leave: Time where a member of the military has permission to be absent from duty.

Shore leave: Leave of absence granted to a sailor or Marine aboard a ship to go groundside

AWOL: Absent without leave.Can refer to a temporary absence without intent to desert or desertion.

MP: Military Police.

Grunt, Jarhead: Marine.

Squid, Gob, Swab: Pejoratives for sailor.

Flyboy: Pejorative for a sailor in a piloting billet.

SABER: Readiness rating of the Alliance military. SABER 5 is lowest, with SABER 1 being the highest level of readiness.

FNG: Fucking New Guy. Either someone straight out of boot, or someone transferred into a new unit. Tends to make a mess.

IFV: Infantry Fighting Vehicle. Supports the infantry in combat. (E.g the Mako)

APC: Armored Personnel Carrier. Transports infantry to the combat zone quickly.

Tango: Phonetic alphabet for T, which stands for target. Enemy target.

Boogey: Unknown target. Unsure of hostility

WARNO: Warning order---alerts a unit to stand by for a mission, giving the basic information. Details will follow in the mission OPORD.

Charlie Foxtrot: Clusterfuck.

ROE: Rules of Engagement. ROEs are directives to military forces defining and giving the manner and degree of force that may be applied. They provide authorisation and/or limitations on the use of force.

Bail Out: Repeated three times by the driver or commander of a vehicle, this is an order requiring all personnel to leave a vehicle, including the driver and gunner.

Dismount: An order requiring passengers in a vehicle to leave a vehicle, excepting the driver and gunner.

K-Kill: catastrophic/complete kill. When an armoured vehicle is completely destroyed, beyond any hope of repair and often killing the crew. Often occurs when an enemy attack causes a breach of fuel cells or ‘cooks off’ the vehicle’s ammunition. Both the Mako and M-080 are designed in such a way as to attempt to direct an ignition of ammunition away from the crew-often still destroying the vehicle but saving the lives of the Marines inside.

M-Kill: mobility kill. When an armoured vehicle is damaged so it is unable to move as a result of enemy fire, but is not necessarily beyond repair.

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