Aliza T'Vedri
Aliza T'Vedri
Date of Birth
8/48 Tide, 2-77 AL (1978 Terran)
Varies within Asari Republics
Marital Status
None recorded
Asari Republics
Character Status

Aliza T'Vedri is a 211-year-old asari commando, currently assigned to training programmes attached to the Harbour Song shipyards in Epira .


Early life and training

Aliza was born in the Benazi region of Atolia, an Asari Republics colony in the Antumbra Reach. She sought huntress training during her early Maiden years and was accepted into Benazi's training regime. She and her fellow huntress trainees were taught combat, stealth, coordination, analysis and survival in numerous locations on Atolia, including a thirteen-month isolation survival exercise on the Lotav Tundra in the planet's northern polar expanse. After the bulk of her training was complete, she was named by her fellow trainees as a commando candidate. Her instructors confirmed the recommendation, and she undertook an additional eight years of training as one of the Benazi select, under the personal guidance of Matriarch Kasgara.

Military service

Following her training she sought naval duties, and was accepted to the crew of the Mariner Sound. In subsequent decades she served aboard several vessels, including the dreadnoughts Solace Alignment and Lament of Nightfall, and as part of an exchange programme served two years as assistant tactical officer of the Turian Hierarchy cruiser Matoth Claw, having completed additional training to integrate into the turian hierarchical command structure. She joined the company of the Nova Spirit as tactical specialist, and was selected for the role of speaker following the previous speaker's retirement.

Reaper war

Aliza survived Nova Spirit's destruction during the Reaper War. She was severely injured during the initial exchange of fire between asari vessels and a number of Reapers descending through Thessia's atmosphere towards Serrice. Unconscious, she was among a handful of injured placed in lifepods which were ejected from the ship before further damage rendered it all but destroyed; the Nova Spirit, on the verge of breaking up, was steered by its helmswoman and astrogator to ram one of the Reapers. Aliza was among the survivors recovered before the area the pods landed in was overrun. She regained consciousness briefly on the ground, but was subsequently placed in a medical coma for several days at the treatment facility the ship's survivors were taken to.

After being revived and recovering her strength, she rejoined the war, putting her tactical and leadership skills to work with one of the resistance groups that were all that remained of the planet's military.


Following the reactivation of the relay network, Aliza returned to the Antumbra Reach, where she took a post on Epira, mentoring young huntresses in naval operations and tactics. She is also involved with the Talith Programme, a cooperative venture between the Asari Republics and Dekuuna to upgrade asari ship designs to take full advantage of recent technological innovations.

Out-of-character notes

  • Aliza's appearance is based on the cover art for On Basilisk Station, depicting Honor Harrington.

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