Alia is an asari tattoo artist, living in Nos Astra, Illium. She is involved with her roommate Shiana Atrus, to whom she is pregnant, but the pair retain an open relationship. Alia works from home, and is highly skilled in her profession, able to produce any effect desired on virtually any sapient, regardless of differences in skin compositions. She and Daia T'Nara knew one another shortly after the latter's move to Illium seventy years ago, and became reacquainted recently; Daia chose Alia to create an extensive back tattoo of a design complementing that worn by Daia's bondmate Ana'Therion vas Nedas.

Alia posts on CDN (where she refuses to give her family name) using "Caduceus+Chamomile", a joint account with Shiana.

Out-of-character notes

Alia's photoshopped appearance is based on images of Gina Gershon.

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