J sverd 03

A carrier design recently in use by the Systems Alliance, complementing the older Zheng He Carrier.

With a smaller hull and a more compact core than its predecessors, the Al-Kindi acts as a mobile attack craft, deploying fighters and mechs to conduct reconnaissance and harass enemy fleets, allowing allied fleets to close in and engage. While still vulnerable to anti-ship fire, the Al-Kindi boasts the latest GARDIAN defence systems and a complement of anti-ship Thanix missiles. Presently the Navy has launched the class’s namesake which is set to be commissioned following shakedown runs and another two carriers are nearing completion. However, due to its smaller size (more comparable to that of a heavy cruiser than of a capital ship) and large armament, the Al-Kindi cannot transport large units of Marines. Therefore, it is intended to fulfil an escort role for its sister carrier class.

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