Akkango are edible wild fruits native to Eingana.

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A cluster of ripe akkango

They grow in the tropics and subtropics, on large woody vines, often accompanied by neglabana mold. Akkango grow in clusters of 5-12 fruits with tough grey skin, each usually about 3 inches in size. Gathering them can be hazardous, due to the height at which they grow, the unstable nature of the vines, the amount of aggressive insects attracted by the plant, the caustic oil covering the small, needle-like leaves of the vine, and, occasionally, due to the toxicity of the air often caused by neighbouring neglabana growths.

According to humans, akkango taste "eclectically weird" like "carrot, onion and horseradish at the same time, with melon-like texture". However, the taste is significantly more intense than most terran vegetation, making akkango appealing to batarians, if still a bit bland to their tastes. Asari and salarians tend to find akkango quite unpleasant, if not disgusting raw, but acceptable in vegetable soups and as an addition to meat dishes. They can be prepared in a number of ways, depending on personal preferences. Currently, akkango are not cultivated anywhere, tasted only by visitors to Eingana - xenobiological teams, environment surveyors, thrill-seeking hunters and paramilitary groups.

Unlike the vine itself, the fruits do not accumulate eezo, save for very rare cases in particularly eezo-saturated spots.

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