A star cluster within Inner Council space, its worlds affiliated with the Citadel. The Aethon Cluster is notable for being the origin point for the volus, third race to discover the Citadel. As well as extensive volus territories, the cluster contains the "Trans-Basin Colonies", a collection of minor salarian settlements that formed one of the first marches outside the Annos Basin.


  • Aru System: Jak Ser, Irune, Locil, Cherk Sab, Doldit.
  • Esori System: Mora, Atos Irn, Yan Tao, Kailo, Solu Paolis.
  • Satu Aard System: Poloh Tem, Rilar, Nalisin.
  • Nura System: Lahu, Oma Ker, Welm Urun, Gorgun.


Prior to the Crucible event, the Aethon Cluster was joined to the network via the Apien Crest. Today, it once again connects there, but also has a direct route to the new location of the Citadel at Sol.


After the Reaper War, the Aethon Cluster was one of the more successful regions of Citadel space when it came to rebuilding. Cities on major volus worlds are built on easily accessible trade routes. While this left them vulnerable to husk attack during the Reaper occupation, it also allowed them to rebuild faster than other worlds, giving them a slight economic edge that they took full advantage of. The volus were soon leveraging themselves to be made a full member of the Citadel Council as a result of their economic recovery efforts (though this is unlikely).

Attempts to rebuild the orbital station at Locil have commenced, but recovery of the lost station fragments has been abandoned; the gravitational forces of Locil would almost certainly have crushed anything inside. However, volus-friendly IFF signals still occasionally appear from deep within the gas giant, prompting many to wonder if pieces of the station did survive after all - and how much they’d be worth if they could be recovered. Meanwhile, efforts were undertaken to rebuild Solu Paolis’ collection platforms, and the new station finished construction in 2190. A polished, twenty-metre by twenty-metre stone also now circles the planet’s orbit, commemorating the workers who sacrificed themselves in the previous depot’s destruction.

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