“There is no feeling quite like the awkward realization that the pirates are using the exact same ships you are.”
- Captain Satya Alasaa, Malsolaris Complex Navy, 17th Defense Fleet

Manufactured by Stymphalian Aerospace, the Aeon frigate is the company’s purpose-built patrol frigate, scout, light skirmisher, and “small scale strategic strike platform” (read raider). Nippy and fast, with enough firepower to manage most lower tier threats, the Aeon is one of the company’s earliest product lines and one that has seen significant revisions over the course of the past two years. The original cargo bay has been significantly downsized in favour of larger heatsinks and greater combat endurance although sockets and the ship’s overall design still allows for modular upgrades including an expanded hold. As it stands the Aeon can carry approximately two dozen soldiers or a gunship or shuttle with room to spare for supplies, salvage, and/or loot. Useful for quick fireteam insertions or small sorties (or raids) against military targets (plus colonies), the Aeon rarely sees full blown combat and when it does it is typically relegated to the fringes of the battle, harrying the enemy’s flanks in veritable swarms.

Upgraded thrusters, Javelin launchers, a more comprehensive GARDIAN, and modifications that increase the cargo area by nearly seventy five percent remain among the most popular aftermarket add-ons optimized for the Aeon.

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