The capitol of Feng, home of the ATP Senate

The Ad'Thoro Pact (ATP, also somtimes referred to as The Pact) is a hundred-year-old loose mutual defense pact made between many governmental bodies in the Terminus Systems. It owns very little territory; the Feng star system, the two garden worlds within it, and a number of space habitats and shipyards that are scattered across the asteroid belts, trade lanes and gas giants of the system.

In recent decades, the Pact has gained a small measure of influence in the Terminus Systems. The fall of the Hierophant of Gruul and the destruction of the Tradon-Khas raider coalition have given the relatively stable mutual defense pact a useful niche to inhabit.

The Pact controls a reasonably large peacekeeping fleet and army, with which it settles wars between its members in whatever manner its courts deem just. According to insiders, the group has been "playing the politics" of the various Terminus nations against each other in an attempt to consolidate power while opening trade lanes with C-Space and a growing selection of terminus ruling bodies.

Officials in the Pact have been aiming to increase its power, unifying more of the Terminus systems to make a more coherent power bloc. Experts suggest this is being done to both stymie tyrants like the Hierophant from gaining power again and to ensure that C-Space does not encroach on the Terminus overmuch.

The Pact reportedly contains some of the more beautiful garden worlds in the Terminus systems. Feng in particular is often praised, both as an example of truly amazing architecture and as a world filled with incredibly beautiful landscapes.

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