Ace of Spades (A. Aleraka)
Username: Ace of Spades
Species: Turian
Gender: Female
Age: 31
Date of Birth: Undisclosed
Occupation: Hitman
Location: Undisclosed (Omega)
Marital Status: Single
Eye color: Red
Height: 6'3"
Build: Well-Muscled
Character Status: For hire.

As a very "secretive" hitman, Aleraka found the daily news as a place to promote her services. She comes off very strict and uptight, and very clearly has little sense of humor. Disobey her and she'd more than willingly snap a bone. Touch her and you have a chance of losing a limb. She doesn't take things lightly, and she often regards herself "better than you" which can sometimes be more than it's worth. She really doesn't like being knocked down a peg, but she's learned to try and not seem childish. It doesn't always seem to work.


Generally, Aleraka dresses very dark. Her whole demeanor seems dark, in fact. The only bright part about her seems to be the modified face markings. She has that of a skull face, but instead of the typical colony marking, she has red tracing the outsides of her markings, to what looks like human blood. Her mouth area is a much darker red. Her eyes are a red color similar to that of her traced facial markings.

The most notable and noticeable thing about her, however, is her broken mandible on her left side. She still has partial functionality of it, but she can't seem to move it quite as well as her other. It's cracked and clearly permanently damaged (of course), but she's made no effort to do anything about it.


Try looking her up in the archives, and you'll find nothing. Aleraka makes a clear effort to keep herself erased from the Citadel and C-Sec to avoid any complications. According to her files, she died as a child in a fire on Palaven during the reaper war. This however was clearly not the case, seeing as it doesn't match her timeline, nor where she was born. Aleraka was a colony child, and thus bares a modified version of her colony facial marking. 

Aleraka's family consisted of her and her parents. They were a fine family at the start, but as Aleraka grew up, she became more and more bitter with the galaxy. Though her parents tried to teach her the rights and the wrongs, she seemed uninterested and thus formed her own way. She left home as soon as she could, leaving her family to wonder what they did wrong. She doesn't speak of them, and doesn't care to find out what happened to them.

She resides on Omega now, providing her own little hitman service under everyone's noses. She does relatively well, but makes sure her name gets entierly erased, thus leaving her without a name, only a face. It is unknown if her name "Acsia Aleraka" is her real name or rather an alias to wipe herself clean off of C-Sec's records.


  • None.


"I used to collect rocks, as a kid.

Then I found out throwing them at others was much more pleasing.

- A. Aleraka"


  • She has a respect for sarcasm, and anyone who can outwit her or knock her down a peg.
  • If she doesn't get the respect she asks for, neither does the opposite party.
  • She really doesn't take people's shit, but sometimes a ridiculous comment will earn a chuckle and not a broken bone.
  • Having a poor sense of humor, any joke degrading her even the slightest bit will result in her throwing back a sarcastic and downright mean comment.
  • She does not like bugs.

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