A firearm produced by Confederate Arms Manufacture (Batarian Confederacy), a candidate for use by the Turian Hierarchy. At a presentation at the famed Camp Petrefax, CAM - represented by senior board member Rahab Had’desh and a small armed entourage - demonstrated prototypes of the XAR/2H Abroholos to a selection of delegates for the Hierarchy’s military and logistic services. All sorts of rumors and speculation surrounded the weapon, both prior to and after the meeting, but much of it later proved incorrect.

Abroholos was a name that commentators were quick to point out was a reference to either a Khar’shan mountain range, a minor turian wrathful spirit, or an Earth wind.

The Abroholos, described by one of those present as having the bulk, weight and design aesthetic of “two Kishocks in an over-under configuration”, has a distinct silhouette, and some critics initially expressed doubts over the front grip being placed on the underside of the barrel shroud, with the user’s front hand between it and the underbarrel magazine. The weapon was primarily designed to be fired either from the hip, or using the built-in folding bipod. Firing from the shoulder was described as “possible, but somewhat uncomfortable”.

The weapon uses a proprietary recoil compensation using a secondary, reverse “kick” after every shot; in addition, the bulk of the weight has been placed underneath. Due to this, participating Hierarchy soldiers described the XAR/2H as “very unintuitive at first” but quickly went on to praise the weapon’s high capacity and firepower, as well as unmatched stability while firing. Although it wasn’t the final version, a number of questions required CAM representative Had'desh to note that whether the Abroholos would be released on the open market “had yet to be decided.” However, commentators agree that, should it be selected, CAM’s facilities would be hard-pressed to meet the Hierarchy’s manufacturing demand.

On a darkly humorous note, one of the models suffered a jam during the presentation. This fact wasn’t noticed at first, as the user calmly kept firing for several seconds more, leading to the viral sentiment, “I couldn’t think of a better tribute to the Bruja.”

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