A quarian parable, dating pre-Morning War.

It concerns two quarians, Aaem and Kolirn, who were best friends for a long time. One day they decided they had to leave their city in order to seek their fortunes elsewhere. They promised that they’d meet again in five years to catch up.

Aaem became a successful businessman. He was good at making money, and soon had a lot of it. After the five years had passed he went to the agreed meeting point. Kolirn, by contrast, was a gambler. He was often successful but he wanted to show up Aaem. He bet all of his money and lost catastrophically. Owing people money, he ran to the meeting point and hid. Eventually he heard someone coming, and in his paranoia he leapt out and killed them. It was, of course, Aaem. Kolirn panicked, and took the money from Aaem’s corpse before burying him. He then went back to their birth city and told everyone that Aaem had been unreliable, and how he was astonished that Aaem hadn’t shown up. Everyone was disappointed in Aaem. Eventually, Kolirn fell back into his old ways, owing people money. He ran from the city and hid at the place where he’d buried Aaem. While hiding, he heard a rattling and turned around to see Aaem’s skeleton. He was terrified, but then the bones of Aaem spoke.

“The ancestors have bound me in death to you! I’ll do your bidding and make money for you!”

With that he did a dance. Kolirn was impressed and agreed to bring Aaem with him. He crafted a box for Aaem to rest in so he could carry the bones around.

Kolirn and Aaem travelled to different cities, performing together. Kolirn played music while Aaem danced. They swiftly acquired lots of money and became famous. Kolirn took all of the credit, but he became friends again with Aaem.

Soon the Captain of the city guard heard about the dancing skeleton. Kolirn took Aaem in his box to the Captain’s house and started to play. Normally Aaem would come out and dance. This time, however, he didn’t. Kolirn got angry and began to shout. He became so angry that he kicked the box and the bones spilled out. Aaem suddenly jumped up and said: “This man killed me, Captain! I worked for him to eventually reach you and tell you of his crimes. The Ancestors allowed me to do this so justice is served!”

With that, the wise captain nodded. His soldiers captured Kolirn and sentenced him to exile and death - the former penalty to ensure that after death he wouldn’t find peace with his Ancestors. Aaem then fell back to the ground and his bones turned to dust; he at last went to his reward.

The moral, of course, is that the ancestors will bring you justice even in death.

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