A planet on the edge of the Terminus Systems, once one of the region's prosperous nations.

A’qari was one of several worlds bordering the Terminus and the Nemean Abyss that were settled by members and interests of the batarian merchant caste between 1200-1400 CE. These batarian colonists sought to establish trade links between the Abyss and the wider Terminus, as these regions existed outside the often strict commerce regulations imposed by the Batarian Hegemony. A’qari was soon known for its massive palladium mining deposits, and its shipbuilding industry, which was based on the planet’s twin moons of Iv’rae and Dasenra.

A'qari was devastated during the Reaper War by forces of the Theocracy of Gruul. After extensive strife between rival warlords, The Gruul Cluster united under the leadership of the One True Hierophant, who formed an alliance with the Reapers. He then proceeded to launch a massive invasion across the Terminus-Abyss border with A’qari as one of the initial targets. The A’qari Settler Council mobilized its security forces alongside a host of PMC units, including a fleet hired from the Blue Suns, but these defenders were quickly overwhelmed by the Theocracy’s massive invasion fleet, which then proceeded with extensive orbital bombardment.

The shipyards of the captured and devastated planet were used by the Theocracy as a base to refuel and expand their naval operations in the region; captured colonists were transferred to Reaper-held territory for processing. Following the assassination of the One True Hierophant in the closing days of the war, A’qari nominally came under the protection of the Ad'Thoro Pact, but the planet is all but unsalvageable.

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