A restaurant on Illium, specializing in drell cuisine. Critics reviewing the restaurant for the first two years after its opening consistently praised the creativity and flavour of the dishes served, particularly during the brief periods when genuine Rakhanan ingredients were available. Ordonay Amseyray, a non-Compacted drell, founded the restaurant originally on Kahje, but moved it to Illium citing better variety and quality of ingredients, as well as wanting to appeal to a wider non-drell audience. He became the subject of several vidseries, often focusing on his unique cooking talent and the mysterious nature of the secret ingredient he used in many specialized dishes. Always added to the dishes in tiny amounts from a clear vial, the exact nature of this ingredient was a closely guarded secret, permitted by Illium law so long as no health problems arose.

Illium authorities eventually confirmed, to minor scandal, that the secret ingredient was in fact his saliva. Amseray’s newest dish, known as the “Rakhanan Death Worm”, was reported to cause hallucinations among a group of salarians who sampled it, and after several months of investigation the Nos Astra police force stepped in to make a public arrest.

Detective Aleria Varin, in a press conference authorized by her superiors, had this to say:

“Due to a string of medical reports relating to the latest dish at the A’Rakhan, we recently concluded an investigation that determined the nature of Ordonay Amseray’s secret ingredient: drell saliva. He and his staff had been knowingly contaminating the food with their own bodily fluids in the hopes of establishing a competitive advantage.”

Analysts said that Amseray’s conduct wasn’t actually illegal on Illium, where bodily fluids such as asari milk are frequently served in certain areas. The legal quandary, in this case, was the addition of a hallucinogenic substance to the meal without the customer’s prior knowledge. It was expected that business as usual would continue at the restaurant if Amseray was amenable to putting up a warning sign and paying certain fines to those already affected by the deception.

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